A new strata work space designed for forward-thinking companies

Alliance on Clark has been built around a philosophy that unites form and function. Committed to each, it is an uncompromising expression that creates an environment that gives you effortlessly functional office and industrial workspaces that reflect the contemporary style of your brand. From its striking presence on the streetscape, down to the meticulous and thoughtful details throughout the workspaces, Alliance on Clark is designed around how you want to work.

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Reimagining Workspace

Industrial, office or a bit of both, Alliance on Clark offers adaptable, configurable workspaces designed to accommodate how you work. Whether you require a loading bay and a freight elevator, or want an office with a view of the mountains, this spacious, naturally lit development features it all, including a 6,000 sq. ft. terrace and state-of-the-art end of trip facilities for cyclists to make the most of the neighbouring Adanac Bikeway.

Office interior


This building was meticulous and thoughtfully designed with the end user in mind. Occupants can expect a sleek and modern industrial design with architectural concrete walls. The units will be spacious and naturally lit with its high ceilings and many windows. Freight elevator and grade loading access will allow small businesses to easily receive and store their shipments. Occupants can expect passenger elevators to provide private office access and a state-of-the-art end of trip facility for the daily commuter taking advantage of the bike lanes.

Unique to this building will be a glamorous 6,000 sq-ft patio for occupants to throw parties, or to just hang out and relax during breaks.

Alliance on Clark
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